raising an army to keep the lanterns alight

The Lismore Lantern Parade has been a beloved feature on Lismore’s event calendar for more than twenty years, and one Lismore local wants to make sure it stays that way. Amanda Shoebridge is calling for an army of volunteers to help keep the festival afloat.

“Tens of thousands of people line the streets of Lismore every year, gloves and beanies on, camera’s in hand, children on their shoulders to witness the magic of the lantern parade. But often, even though most spectators would be delighted to throw some money in a bucket, there are just not enough ‘bucketeers’ on hand and every year the parade is run on the bare bones.”

“This year will be particularly tough after the impact of the flood, rebuilding what was damaged, moving and re-fitting premises, and now the renovation of Oakes Oval which will mean loss of income from ticket sales.” “Plans for this year’s event at The Quad sound absolutely incredible and will in no way disappoint the punters, in fact, I think it’s going to be more enchanting than ever. But if the parade is to survive into the future, it’s going to need some friends to step up and help.”

Amanda is calling for an army of 100 bucketeers to volunteer on the 23 June for this year’s parade. “The job of the bucketeer is to mingle joyfully through the crowds, with buckets held high, calling for donations to keep the festival alight. The more gleeful, fun and joy-filled the bucketeer– the better!”

If you would like to help light the way for future lantern parades by becoming a bucketeer, contact Amanda Shoebridge at by email here festival@lanternparade.com or register your interest by completing the volunteer registration form here or join the Facebook Group – ‘An Army of Bucketeers’.

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