partner benefits

Sponsors of the Lismore Lantern Parade benefit in many ways. As a popular highlight of the regional calendar, this festival attracts a great deal of media and community attention. Partners and supporters can capitalise on this exposure to reach new customers and to build loyalty among existing ones - to have their “name in lights”. Sponsor brands enjoy enhanced levels of prestige and market awareness though association with Lismore's 'signature' event.

As a sponsor with the Lismore Lantern Parade you will have many opportunities to explore creative and exciting ways to work with the parade to the benefit of your business or organisation including client hospitality, business networking, staff development and team building opportunities.

a sound investment in your brand equity

This event builds your brand equity through:

  • Establishing your brand image in association with a credible and well loved community event

  • Creating a positive corporate image within the community

  • Access to highly influential and key market segments: i.e. families, youth, tree changers, visiting friends and family (grandmas & grandpas!) and community leaders

  • Enhanced brand recognition and loyalty

  • Professional marketing of the event to key market segments

  • Extensive media promotion: local, regional, metropolitan, national and international media

  • Client hospitality and networking

  • Creative opportunities for staff development and team building

  • Significant contribution to the social well being of the community

  • Opportunities to take advantage of the ever-growing realm of social media and online platforms
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